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Ridge: A History

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Ridge: A History Empty Ridge: A History

Post by Ember Robinwood on Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:47 am

Ridge was born into the WolfFolk almost a century ago. His mother was affectionate and watchful while his father was the type of proud father who provides for the tribe and who expects their cub to one day be the best hunter in the tribe.

Ridge was a playful cub, always getting into mischief, but he became very quiet when he and his first wolf, Fur, were practicing hunting in the woods, but weren’t careful while riding through the trees and Fur’s hind paw was caught on a root. Both elfling and wolf went toppling. Fur’s paw was broken and had to be carried back to the Holt between two fully grown elves. Ridge stayed by Fur’s side, watching as the healers worked with both herbs and magic to heal the wolf’s paw. Even after Fur’s paw was healed, he never could race through the trees at full speed again. Fur became a loner because he couldn’t help the pack hunt.

It broke Ridge’s heart to see the pack disown Fur, but he took it upon himself to hunt everyday on his own to provide for his wolf friend. Over time, Fur aged and his joints became stiff, his old injury almost rendering him immobile. Because Fur was almost immobile, the cubs of the WolfFolk would climb all over his furry side, pull his ears and tail, and generally be a nuisance.

However, Fur was laidback and put up with the cubs. Ridge, having become far more gentle and understanding since Fur’s injury and aging, would smile and stay by the wolf’s side, watching over the children.

Fur’s death was a painful blow to Ridge and the cubs who had always played with (and on) him. Ridge became reclusive for a time. He remained in the Holt, ignoring anyone who approached him, even the cubs.

It was a tanner who grew annoyed with Ridge and pulled him to his feet one day and dragged him to where the leathers were kept. He demanded that Ridge make himself useful if he were going to mope around the Holt rather than going hunting or gathering. Ridge learned from the tanner and slowly pulled himself back together with the tanner’s rough affection. Ridge came to love helping the tanner, but he realized how much he missed the cubs he’d kept an eye on when he himself was little cub.

He took to helping the tanner part-time and minding the cubs the rest of the time.

He bonded with Pathfinder recently (four years ago) after years without a wolf-friend. He was a little put off by Pathfinder's aloofness, but it was a relief that his current wolf-friend isn't similar to Fur when it comes to personality.

Timeline of Ridge's Life:

92 Years Ago:
Ridge was born under the name of "Lichen."

80 Years Ago:
Ridge bonds with Fur.

79 Years Ago:
Fur's paw is broken.

78 Years Ago:
Ridge starts helping mind cubs.

72 Years Ago:
Fur passes away and Ridge withdraws in on himself.

71 Years Ago:
The tanner, Brownbark, takes Ridge as his apprentice tanner.

69 Years Ago:
Brownbark names Ridge "Ridge."

64 Years Ago:
Ridge returns to being cub-minder.

62 Years Ago:
Stormcloud is born and is one of the first cubs Ridge minds.

35 Years Ago:
Sunsong (aka Defiance) is born.

16 Years Ago:
Brooksong is born.

8 Years Ago:
Lancestrike is born.

6 Years Ago:
Ridge's young brother and sister Leaf and Twig are born.

4 Years Ago:
Ridge bonds with Pathfinder.
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