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Serpent Fang: A History

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Serpent Fang: A History Empty Serpent Fang: A History

Post by Ember Robinwood on Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:46 am

There was a lot of mystery around the birth of Serpent Fang. He was born to a pretty young elf named Seabird. She recognized at a younger age than most; resisting it with all her strength. In the end she conceded and bore the pregnancy valiantly. However, she never accepted her recognized, leaving him the dawn after conceding to recognition. Very few, if anyone, actually knew whom she'd recognized. It was a secret that she took with her to her grave, not even her lovemate knew the exact identity of the one who'd sired her son.

She was too small and too frail to deliver her son. There was too much blood, too much pain, and too much went wrong. She lived long enough to see her son and hold him before her last breath escaped her. With her dying breath, though, she sent her son and expressed every emotion she carried for him: her overwhelming love, her desire to protect him, and her hope for his future.

Serpent Fang never knew his mother and was raised between the women of the tribe. He was never given a particular amount of affection from any of them, but he was never neglected or abandoned. As an elfling, he played alone and learned to hunt at an early age. He was unusually grim and serious for a child and almost never uttered a word. There was concern expressed about him, but no one could get close to him.

There was a point in his young life when his father reached out to him. Serpent Fang was cold, harsh, and disbelieving. In the beginning, he refused to accept who his father was. Later, he acknowledged it to himself, but no one else. He hated his father, blaming him for the death of his mother. But quietly, secretly, he blamed himself for his mother's death.

Fear manifested itself in young Serpent Fang. He became afraid to allow anyone close to himself and refused to make friends. He even went so far as to avoid friends that he would avoid the Holt for days on end.

He prowled the sharp rock outcroppings near the Holt, straying a great distance at times. He always came back, however. He joined the hunt before he even knew his own Soulname.

He had a staggering number of lovemates. Serpent Fang was lovemates with almost every woman in the tribe and several of the men as well. He had a couple for a number of years, but others only for a matter of days. He never stayed with any of them for long; never finding a way to fill the void that eats away at him.

Serpent Fang could never pinpoint what he was lacking, but it eats away at him when he allows himself to waver in his devotion to his duty of providing for the tribe.

Timeline of Serpent Fang's Life:

546 Years Ago:
Serpent Fang is born.

536 Years Ago:
Serpent Fang joins the hunt.

530 Years Ago:
Serpent Fang takes on his first lovemate, Stormbringer.

520 Years Ago:
Serpent Fang "meets" his father .
Later the Same Year:
Serpent Fang learns his soul name.

452 Years Ago:
Serpent Fang becomes lovemates with Crescent.

448 Years Ago:
Crescent Recognizes Torrent.
Later the Same Year:
Serpent Fang, Crescent, and Torrent become a three-mating.

446 Years Ago:
Flicker, Crescent and Torrent's son, is born.

445 Years Ago:
Serpent Fang becomes Hunt Leader.

436 Years Ago:
Crescent and Torrent are killed by daggerteeth.

369 Years Ago:
Flicker/Shoal Recognizes Shell.

367 Years Agor:
Minnow, Shoal and Shell's daughter, is born.

125 Years Ago:
A hunting party including Spearshaft and Shoal are killed by a daggertooth.
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