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Kaimeta: A History

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Kaimeta: A History Empty Kaimeta: A History

Post by Kaimeta on Mon Oct 27, 2014 6:02 am

History from Profile:

Crashed to the World of Two Moon's over ten thousand years ago with the other High Ones. Horrified like the others at the violence that met them, she fled into the forest surrounding the Palace. She wandered for a long time, until she met a group of other Firstcomers and their Firstborn. There she met and recognized her lifemate Zareth, having her eldest son Mikale. She lived with the tribe for centuries until both Zareth and Mikale were taken from her in the same battle, causing her great grief and pain. She withdrew from others then and into drink and other ways to loose herself. She abandoned the tribe to wander again, eventually joining other tribes for a period of time before moving on. She joined the Seafolk tribe about 2,000 years ago and had remained with them thus far. However she will act as mediator between the tribes, having no dislike whatsoever for the WolfFolk. Kai has other children lost to time along with their fathers. She's not going to be an easy one to get to accept recognition, as she no longer wants to bare the pain of loosing loved ones again.

Kai has been around the holts for a very long time, she's very open to helping others and is more than willing to do her part. She more than likely knows every elf in the tribes and would have interacted with them from the time of their birth. She is (I'm guessing) the midwife for the tribes.

Since Kai has been around the holts so long most might have interacted with her. Please feel free to throw around ideas!!
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