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History of the Tribes

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History of the Tribes Empty History of the Tribes

Post by Tidemist on Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:29 pm


A wandering group of elves eventually found their way to the coast 5,000 years ago, seeking to escape humans. They found this beautiful land where beach met forest and settled down, exploring the coast. Eventually a High One named Nymirni found a beach with gentle tides that led to coves at the base of a cliff, full of caves and tunnels, making it the perfect home for the settling elves. They named the beach for the High One, and named their new home High Cove, for the cliffs that housed the cove. Within a few hundred years, they chose an elf among them to be the first chief, Shearwater, so named for his skill in hunting the birds that were his namesake. He led them well for many centuries, until a dagger-teeth caught him while he was swimming one dusk evening.

From there, his daughter Farwillow became chieftess, and in turn her son Freecry. Thus it went through 8 generations of chiefs, down to Tidemist who is the 9th. During the centuries, more elves and even a few High Ones joined the coastal tribe, where eventually they evolved to breath and speak underwater, and developed webbed hands and feet. They learned how to hunt the various creatures that lived in and around the coast, how to gather mussels in the waters, how to work the plants in the near by forest into something similar to linen and how to grow plants for food.

Many of them began to have themselves shaped slightly, given fins on their arms and legs to help them swim faster or for mere decoration, along with their ears ridged to mimic the spinal fins of fish. they lived contented, unbothered by humans, until a new tribe appeared. While they largely are unsure of the rough elves, they do not openly fight with them or try to make trouble. Tidemist herself feels a grudging respect for her counterpart and tries not to interfer with them. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean there are not some elves who want the WolfFolk to remain on their coast...

Past Chiefs of the SeaFolk

Lapisblaze- Mother of Tidemist. She had medium tanned skin and knee length frosty blonde hair that she most often wore loose, which had light curls in them, though she would bound it in a messy bun when she had to swim. She also had dark blue eyes that seemed to burn like a fire, and seem similar to lapis stones which are her namesake. She had ridged ears similar to Tidemist. She would typically wear a halter top over a loose jumpsuit in light grey and rose colors. She would also wear a linen headband that had white, bronze yellow, and pink colors. She also wore blue-gray leather sandals. Her accessories were a lapis necklace and belt around her hips.

She was a good chief who cared deeply for her tribe, and who maintained minor distrust for the WolfFolk tribe, largely due to their chieftess' attitude towards the pure blooded elves and assuming most of their tribe felt the same as their chieftess. She rarely bothered with a tail, instead preferring swimming with her own two legs. She had recognized once before Tidemist to another tribemate who wasn't her lifemate, but the child died shortly after birth from a weak heart, which she never told her daughter and ensured she never would find out. She preferred hunting with a dagger. Eventually disappeared and was presumed dead by her tribe. Was chief for 626 years

Bluefoam- She had medium light tanned skin and mid back length wavy and poofy sea blue hair, part of it usually worn in a low bun while the rest is loose, and sea foam green eyes. She was born with ears that have a gentle scallop edge. She often wore a vermilion colored short halter top made of leather with turquoise stitching on top of a longer linen rose shirt with elbow length wide mouthed sleeves and a turquoise thigh length skirt with a slit in the side with rose trim. Whenever she was not barefoot, she would wear rose and turquoise moccasins, usually worn when she was wading through the waters. Her accessories were a bracelet of woven seaweed, shaped blue aragonite, and strung pearls on both of her wrists.

She was a gentle soul, as soft as the foam from the sea she was named after. She could almost have been called a push over at times, and was easily driven to tears, especially by the then chief of the WolfFolk, a fact which made the tribe hate them even more. She gained the water shaping abilities from her father, and was quite capable from a young age, using the powers to protect her tribe or to help herd fish into the nets to make hunting easier. She never entirely warmed up to being a chief, unlike her daughter, but she thought that since her younger sister was uninterested, there was no one else who had a proper claim to the title, and she did her best, though she often wished there was a way to erase conflict entirely. More often then not, she was the mediator in her tribe when there were issues, or tempers ran too high. She died from being stung by a large hive of bees. Was chief for 684

Drift- He had medium light tanned skin and shoulder blade length rippling dark auburn hair usually worn in a low ponytail with multiple bands down the length of it, and purple blue eyes. His ears were naturally similar to a Beta fish's fin. He typically wore a pale yellow half open tucked shirt with long puffy sleeves but tight cuffs around the wrists and loose umber pants, which have white decorative stitching. His accessory was an armlet on his right arm made of gold, a trade with a WolfFolk, decorated with white tufts of fur and white gull feathers. He usually wore pale yellow and white sandals as well. His preferred weapon was a sling.

He was a sea elf through and through, to the point where he had his room under the ocean level and shaped with a clearstone window so he could always see the ocean floor. He more often then not was found drifting among the waves, observing the ocean floor and the various fish. He didn't like the WolfFolk much, or their distrust of the ocean. He couldn't understand how anyone could be away from the sea. He had himself permanently shaped with gills, as he wasn't born with them due to a recessive gene, so he could be in the water however long he wanted. He grudgingly did his duty as chief, but always retreated to his beloved ocean whenever he could. Though his daughter helped to draw him back to the tribe once in a while, and he loved her dearly, thinking Bluefoam was an embodiment of his love for the sea. His fate is unknown, as he disappeared into the ocean one day and never came back. Was chief for 778 years.

Rockleap- He had lightly tanned skin and medium long wavy and thick dark silver hair he often wore in four low ponytails and topaz eyes that were usually full of mischief. He was among the first elves born with naturally shaped ears, and his spiked downward with small ridges. He typically wore a short cherry red tunic, usually with at least a few tears in it, and spanish orange breeches. He usually would wear almost thigh high cardinal red leather boots that had straps, accented with bird feathers. His accessories were hard coral shaped bracers soften with linen on his wrists, and two belts made of woven fibers and bird talons around his waist.

Rockleap was a very rough and tumble type of elf, who always thirsted for adventure. He ended up with his name for his constant leaping from the top of High Cove into the ocean below, a trait which drove the elders and his parents made with worry. He had some of his mothers floating ability, enough to ensure he didn't die from his terrifying leaps. He was chief when the WolfFolk tribe appeared near High Cove, and immediately took a dislike to them, insisting that this land belonged to the SeaFolk and his tribe wasn't sharing. It was probably thanks to his territorial boyish attitude and the suspicious WolfFolk in the tribe which sparked the millenia long feud between the tribes. He usually hunted with a bow and arrows from the air when he learned to float a bit better. He ended up dying from a sea snake bite while climbing up the Cove. Was chief for 698 years.

Duskflight- She had pale skin and very long straight black hair with violet highlights that was worn to between her knees and ankles always in a loose style. She also had narrow steel grey eyes and regular elfin ears. She often wore a violet tunic made of feathers over a burgundy short knee length dress made of linen, which had dark blue tassels trimming the bottom. She also wore thigh high boots made from fur and toughened fibers which was colored violet with blue trim. Her accessories were a woven headband tied around her head with tassels to frame her face, made of pale blue, dark blue and violet colors.

She had the ability of flight inherited from her mother, and gained her name from when she would typically fly at night to avoid the harsh sun, and whenever she flew, she twisted the ends of her hair would her wrists to keep her hair from tangling, making her look very much like a leatherwing when she flew. She was at times a weak leader, but when a crisis arose she usually surprised her tribe with how strong she could become. She was unable to hunt, so did not carry a weapon, more often then not flying to avoid danger. She did not like the ocean or their coastal home, and often wished the tribe were still traveling the world like in the stories she had been told. Died of the foaming sickness. Was chief for 539 years.

Freecry- He had light golden brown skin and thigh length wavy rich chestnut brown hair that he wore in a full braid, and light blue eyes. He was among the first elves to have shaped ears, opting to have his similar to a daggerteeth's dorsal fin. He typically went bare chested, wearing a saffron colored vest decorated with dangling dark silver colored beads and light grey loose breeches. He also wore above the knee high dark gold colored boots, tied with light grey strips of fabric. His accessories were a single earring made of dangling woven fabric and feathers and a dark yellow strip of fabric wrapped around his lower stomach. His preferred weapon as an obsidian dagger.

Freecry was so named because of his talent for mimicking the birds around the Cove. He never knew any home other than High Cove, and he was interested in the history the elders and High Ones would tell him. He believed the past always held lessons, and held the stories close to his heart, using the things he learned to help him govern the tribe. He believed they would stay here as long as they could unless something horrific happened, like humans showing up. He eventually became a very wise chief who knew a great many things, something that came in handy as High Ones began to disappear, and the elder elves began to die because of their unfamiliarity with the ocean environment. He ended up dying from drowning after getting tangled in a fishing net. Was chief for 462 years.

Farwillow- She had golden brown tanned skin from wandering with the tribe, and shoulder length curly pale golden blonde hair worn in high twin tails. She also had wide lavender eyes and had normal elfin ears. She often wore a green-brown cloth wrapped around her breasts with an open dark brown vest with long sleeves that had green stitching and light brown knee length trousers. She would also wear ankle high boots wrapped with woven cords of grass and lined with a string of fresh leaves. Her accessories were hair ornaments made of beads and dangling green feathers and leaves, and 4 belts around her waist in various shades of green and brown. She also wore a necklace of green beads. Her favorite weapon was a short sword with a blade of shaped stone.

She was a confident elf who had traveled with her tribe through the years, and was rather relieved at times that they had a solid camp for once, though once in a while she would take a few members of the tribe to travel up and down the coast when she got a little wanderlust, which caused a few problems when she became chief. She had no problem assuming the position of chief after her father, as she had known these elves all her life. She thought not many other elves survived in the world, and that was fine with her as long as the tribe was safe and happy. She absolutely hated the scuttling creatures of the ocean though and would not eat any seafood raw. She had some faint treeshaping abilities, though she was never able to get further than being able to understanding plants and their feelings, and being able to influence them over time to grow into the shape she wanted. She died from a bite from a sea snake while communing with a tree. Was chief for 436 years.

Shearwater- He had dark tanned skin like most of his wandering tribe and mid back length flowing black hair with blue highlights that he often left loose but pushed back from his face with a woven grass headband, though sometimes he bound it in a loose low tail. He also had narrow teal eyes that often could see quite a distance. He typically wore an olive green colored tunic shirt with long breeches, and could usually be found wearing a woven hooded cloak colored black cherry and dark green with fur trim. He also wore knee high olive green boots with more fur trim, which his breeches were tucked into. Like his daughter, he typically used a stone shaped sword.

His name originally was Stone, for his often emotionless face, but he changed it after the tribe had settled on the coast, and he found he especially had a talent for hunting the birds who would skim their beaks through the water to catch fish. He wasn't exactly a cold person, but he preferred to keep his emotions to himself. The only person who saw him smile often was his lifemate and children, for he had recognized many over his lifetime, though some had died from the difficulties they had in wandering and unfamiliarity with their new coastal home. The one time he showed any excessive emotion was when the tribe had agreed that he should be the new leader because of his impartial attitude, which would ensure everyone was treated fairly, which lead to him actually being shocked with an open jaw, though he swiftly accepted the position. He died from a daggerteeth attack. Was chief for 576 years.


The WolfFolk derive from the early days of the Wolfriders, when the Firstborn and the newly forming Hunt were at odds. A group of the wolfblooded elves and their mounts left on their own, unable to take the constant hostilities and believing there was a way to live in balance between the Wolfsong and Starsong. As a female elf whose name is now lost from memory, the elves chose a leader who would guide them through their journey ahead. After much debate, Jeytair Sharpfang took up the mantel of chief, and began leading them all over the continent. When he had grown weary of leadership, his son Breezetalk became chief, and it was him who started the tradition of a chief's tail, a length of hair bound at the base of their crown.

The tribe continued to travel over the continent, lost elves joining their tribe over the millenia, and new chiefs taking up the chief's tail, some through the loss of the previous chief or through the previous chief giving up their role. They eventually found their way to the coast three thousand years after the SeaFolk. Imagine their shock when they met a tribe of elves who lived around and in the sea, and some of them even seemed more fish than elf, able to shape their legs to a tail. Just as some of the Seafolk distrusts them, some of the WolfFolk distrust this tribe.

Uncomfortable living on the beach, they decided to make their home in the forest bordering it for a while to see if they could get along well, and because many of the tribe were ready to stop traveling and rest. Here, the Everhome Tree was founded, so named because many of the elves hoped they had found a place to settle down permanently, and the WolfFolk found the forest and it's game to their liking. A few even began to enjoy the ocean and the bounty it provided, far different from anything they had know. And so the tribe has lived tentatively with the Seafolk, some of whom have recognized the fishfolk. Some of the tribe have begun trading information and skills with the Seafolk within the last few hundred years, such as their knowledge on trapping animals or crafting leather.

Holt Timeline

10,000 years ago- The High Ones crash on the World of Two Moons. Some are killed by humans, while the rest escape and spread out. The High One's begin recognizing each other and having children, and begin forming tribes. One High One takes the form of a wolf, and gains a wolf mate, resulting in a hybrid child. The child grows up, and becomes chief of the developing tribe.

9,000 to 8,000 years ago- A group of wolf blooded elves break off from the large tribe, unable to stand the fighting and tensions between the pure blooded Firstborn and the wolf blooded elves. They begin traveling the continent to find a place to settle. Jeytair Sharpfang is chosen to lead the new tribe.

After 200 years of traveling, the tribe settles in Skynest Holt. Kaimeta recognizes and lifemates with Zareth, a firstborn of the High Ones. Her son Mikale is born. However her son and lifemate are killed, and Kaimeta is unable to remain with her tribe, and begins wandering.

7,000 years ago- Skynest Holt begins dying, and the tribe of wolf bloods leave to find a new home. They spend 300 hundred years living on an open plain before being driven away by fire.

5,000 years ago- A wandering tribe of pure blooded elves find their way to the coast. They decide to settle in a large cove found by a High One. They decide to choose an elf to lead them and pick Shearwater.

2,000 years ago- The wolf blood tribe finds their way to the coast and meets the SeaFolk tribe. They adopt the name WolfFolk from the sea elves. They settle in the forest and create the Everhome tree. Kaimeta is discovered by the SeaFolk tribe and welcomed. She decides to stay, but refuses to affiliate with either tribe.

800 years ago- Oakroot is born.

546 years ago- Serpent Fang is born, and his mother Seabird dies in childbirth.

480 years ago- Straystar is born.

345 years ago- Swirling is born.

323 years ago- Tern is born.

321 years ago- Snaketwist is born.

312 years ago- Tidemist is born.

260 years ago- Coral is born.

250 years ago- Chieftess Firespark dies in a hunt, and Straystar becomes the WolfFolk chief.

242 years ago- Ash is born. Silence is born. When Silence is a teenager, his family is killed by humans and his tribe scattered, and he begins to wander the continent.

215 to 221 years ago- Lapisblaze disappears. It is not until 6 years later that Tidemist finally accepted being the Seafolks new chief. Tidemist learns of Straystar's tribes tradition of the chief's mark, and develops her own.

170 to 100 years ago- Root is born. When her father Knotbeard dies, she goes on a spirit quest and finds her new name, Crowspirit. Silence finds the WolfFolk tribe and joins them.

92 years ago- Ridge is born.

62 years ago- Stormcloud is born.

35 Years Ago- Sunsong (aka Defiance) is born.

16 Years Ago- Brooksong is born.

8 Years Ago- Lancestrike is born. Stormwind is killed by a longtooth cat.

6 Years Ago- Ridge's young brother and sister Leaf and Twig are born.

0 year- During a festival celebration including both the tribes, a child from each tribe goes missing. The tribes work together to find the children, who are found safe. After their rescue, Tern of the SeaFolk recognizes the High One Kaimeta.

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