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Rolling up random npcs and...

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Rolling up random npcs and...

Post by Apogee on Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:38 am

While trying to get a little inspiration for a wolf-tribe character, and maybe some ideas for npcs as needed, I decided to click my own generator a couple times.

And even though the first thing I'm *TRYING* to get is a Wolfridery-wolfrider, ... this is what my FIRST roll is. (names are awful but hilarious, and irony of having a full on beach bum Wolfrider *in our context*...)

Saying Surf is a male Wolfrider.

Soul Name: Imi
When Found: so long ago Doing What? While: sleeping Who else knows name: his mate and closest friend
Mate: Lifemated, Snapping Foes, female, ran away

Mother: Freckled Woodpecker, in hiding
Father: Cold Gadfly, defensive
Siblings: Sister: Eager Keeps, older, alive

Skin: light
Hair: red Style: naturally wavy Length: to their neck
Eyes: aqua
Age: a Youth (stats are for teen and up)
Born in Longdays/Summer

Clothing: tan shaded pants of fine fur and a fine fur sea blue and indigo low cut tunic plus leg wraps and floppy walnut boots.

Strength: Very High
Dexterity: Extremely High
Agility: Very High
Health: High
Size: typically built, with average weight (Glyph-type)
Intelligence: Low
Appearance: Above Average
Charisma: Above Average
Magic Power: Below Average

Sending: Low
Magic Feeling: Low

Swimming/Depth: Extremely High
Weaving: High
Healing Lore/Medicinal Herbs: Average
Animal Lore/Sea Creatures: Low
Hunting: Very High using Net (fishing)

Hunting: Below Average using Longbow

Wolf-Friend - EmeraldFlicker
Size: huge, practically too big to ride,
Gender: female
Fur Colors: tan and grey
Eye Color: blood red
Trait: a member of the local pack

He is afraid of heights.

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Re: Rolling up random npcs and...

Post by WolfCandy on Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:58 am

You aren't using Apogee as a wolfrider character? :O

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Re: Rolling up random npcs and...

Post by Tidemist on Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:58 am

...yeeeah that's an ironic WolfFolk...perhaps he's moved to the SeaFolk tribe?

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Re: Rolling up random npcs and...

Post by Sponsored content

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