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Roles of the Tribe

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Roles of the Tribe Empty Roles of the Tribe

Post by Tidemist on Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:52 pm

This is a list of the roles in the tribe, that will list who has taken what position, and what is still available. High One's will not count for magical slots. Positions that are full will be bold. Roles can only be claimed by player's with approved profiles, original or adopted. Adoptable characters names will be a link to take you to the profile for adoption. Some Adoptables need Histories or other information that will need admin approval, before they can be used in the Rp. Please keep that in mind when choosing an adoptable character.

Tribe Roles

Seafolk Chieftess: Tidemist
WolfFolk Chief: Straystar

High Ones(Admin. max 3): Kaimeta

Counselor(s)(Mods. max. 2 per tribe): Seafolk-  

Fishing Leader:Stingsand
Gathering Leader: Seafolk-  

Hunt Leader: Seafolk- Serpent Fang

Cook(s)(max. 3 per tribe): Seafolk-Pearlsheen
Weapon Crafter(s):
Other Crafter(s): Snaketwist, Coral, Swiftwing
Fisher(s): Snaketwist, Straystar, Yellowfin, Ara, Skybolt
Gatherer(s):Windgrace, Waverider, Ara
Scout(s): Straystar, Ash, Windgrace, Path
Healing (natural remedies):
Hunter(s) (either active hunters or trappers): Stormcloud, Sunsong, Straystar, Oakroot, Ash Windgrace, Path, Creekstone, SpurKeenshot, Skybolt
Leatherworkers/tanners/weavers (max. 2 per tribe): Seafolk- Lace, Ara                                                                       
                                                                            WolfFolk-Ridge Brownbark
Howlkeeper(s)(max 2): Oakroot, Spur
Tidekeeper(s)(max 2):
Tailor(s): Lace
Tracker(s): Stormcloud,
Gardners/Farmers(max. 3 per tribe): Seafolk-Waverider

Preserver(s)(max. 2 per tribe): Seafolk-

Cub minder(s)(max. 2): Seafolk-Waverider
                                    WolfFolk- Ridge,

         WolfFolk-Leaf and Twig,Lancestrike

Magical Abilities

Fireshaping (max. 1):
Plantshaping (max. 2):Vineweaver
Coralshaping(max. 2): Coral,
Rockshaping (max. 2) Swirling,
Shielding (max. 3):
Watershaping(max. 3): Tidemist
Self Shaping(max. 4): Sunsong, Swirling
Floating(max. 3): Tidemist
Healing (max. 3 per tribe): Seafolk-
                                         WolfFolk- Sunsong, Brooksong, Oakroot

Wolfpack Ranks
Alpha Male: Bigpaws
Alpha Female: Shawl
Beta's- Pathfinder, Peppercorn, Hailstorm

Inspiration for list from WildForest Holt

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Roles of the Tribe Empty Re: Roles of the Tribe

Post by Kaimeta on Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:49 pm

Updated with available NPcs and Adoptables

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