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Lace: a History

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Lace: a History Empty Lace: a History

Post by Shinebright on Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:32 pm

History: Lace has spent the better part of her life perfecting her skills with fabrics, and it shows. She’s gone through phases: some years she enjoys making heavy, thick material fit for draping and tapestries, others she’s concentrated on impossibly fine lacework that is all but sea foam in look and feel. She will often task members of either tribe to find her new plants or minerals with which to dye her threads, or to find her the ‘perfect match’ for an item such as shells, crystals or pearls.

One day Lace was searching for new materials and in her walk she ended up at the top of the Cliff, high above the entrance of the cave. Finally she had found new flax to twine new yarn from. So busy pulling the flax out of the ground she didn't noticed she was too close to the edge. And with one hard pull she lost her balance, slipped and fell over the edge. On her way down she grabbed at everything, trying to break her fall.
Her tribesmen were shocked as they heard a loud thumb and found Lace all broken and covered with blood. Fortunatly Kaimeta was visiting and within seconds she started healing her, it took her the better part of a day to heal Lace and more sessions were needed before her body was completely healed. Her recovery was hard and painfull and it took Lace over two turns of the seasons to learn how to walk again, still to this day her left leg hurts after a long day of hard work.
In the beginning she was afraid to go up the cliff again, but she wanted to face her fear, after climbing the cliff each time a little further, she now is able to enjoy the view again, though she never will loose her fear of heights.

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