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High One Kaimeta

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High One Kaimeta Empty High One Kaimeta

Post by Kaimeta on Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:38 am

Player's name:Kaimeta
Character's name: Kaimeta  (Kai to close friends)((Tidemist is the only elf allowed to call her Kai at the moment))
Gender: Female
Character's age: Uncountable
Soulname: None
Tribe: Neither
Tribal Position: High One

High One Kaimeta Kaimet10

Kaimeta is around 5'9 and has long flaming red hair that falls to below her ankles. She usually wears her hair in a braid that falls to her knees, though she is known to adopt any hair style she likes. Kaimete sports two eye colors, the one the right is a deep emerald green and the left is a vibrant gold. Her skin has been tanned golden brown due to her travels and life on the coast.

Body Build: Tall and slender, fit

Usually Seen Wearing: Her clothing varies with her mood, though she is fond of high in the front low in the back skirts, and loose flowing tops with no back.She often prefers flowing fabrics, such as thin woven cotten or silk. Pants are sometimes seen on the legs of this elf woman and she's usually bare foot, citing a need to be connected to the earth. If made to wear shoes of any kind they will be sandals, unless she feels the need to wear boots and she doesnt stay in those very long.

Weapon preference: Bow and arrows, Staff, dual swords

Magic: Healing, Floating

Family: Doesn't remember her parents or siblings. Lifemate- Zareth(deceased)  Son- Mikale(lost). Various other blood and adopted children lost to time.

Personality: Kaimeta is a sweet lovable fool. She is often distracted by anything and will often wander off from whatever tribe she might be with because "that way looked more fun." She is insanely intelligent but would rather play with kids and animals instead. She's happy go lucky and acts like she doesnt have a care in the world. She hates fighting but when forced to do so she unleashes the whole of her healing powers on whoever was unlucky enough to upset her. Kaimeta's childlike nature can be very annoying and trying for more serious elves who expect a High One to behave more reverant. She often forgets what she was going to say and just makes something up to seem like she knows what she's doing. Over all she means well but is often causing a little more trouble that she means to.

But however, when the situation calls for it, she will absolutely step up and become a leader of sorts for the moment, helping the tribe to get through the crisis. In this case, her intelligence gathered over her very long life will often help resolve whatever problems have occured, and she will return to her silly self when the crisis has passed because she believes it is important to live life to the fullest.

Likes: Dreamberries, the changes from day to day, observing the tribes she is with, being by herself
Dislikes: Cruelty, unfairness, gourds

Skills: Cooking, hunting, gathering, tracking.

History: Crashed to the World of Two Moon's over ten thousand years ago with the other High Ones. Horrified like the others at the violence that met them, she fled into the forest surrounding the Palace. She wandered for a long time, until she met a group of other Firstcomers and their Firstborn. There she met and recognized her lifemate Zareth, having her eldest son Mikale. She lived with the tribe for centuries until her lifemate died. With her son fully grown, she abandoned the tribe to wander again, eventually joining other tribes for a period of time before moving on. She joined the Seafolk tribe about 2,000 years ago and had remained with them thus far. However she will act as mediator between the tribes, having no dislike whatsoever for the WolfFolk.
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